• the perfect fit

    wearing tradition

    The descendant from a lineage of songkok-makers, Yusrif bin Udin Pakih makes this traditional Malay headgear by hand in Batu Caves. 

  • highlights from seni negaraku

    modern classics

    Take a crash course in modern Malaysian art classics at Balai Seni Negara’s latest exhibition.

  • fast food

    cult status

    These Ramadan vendors made it so big, you’ll find their names scattered across bazaars in the Klang Valley. 

  • highlights from as we see it

    be a part of reka negaraku

    In collaboration with OUR ArtProjects and Reka Negaraku, Malaysia Design Archive’s exhibition, As We See It: History Through Visual Design traces Malaysian history through posters and other graphic design collaterals. 

  • (graphic) design is not dead

    state of design

    We speak to three of Malaysia’s best and brightest graphic designers about the state of graphic design in the country, and the challenges and opportunities that come with the job.