• all along the coastline

    the jetty life

    What’s life like in the ports and jetties that dot the East Coast? 

  • wordplay

    serious scrabble

    For most of us, Scrabble was once a time-passer, something we’d play as kids with our siblings. But for competitive Scrabble players, there’s a lot more at stake.

  • the arrival of im4u sentral

    im4u goes big

    Building a community within a hub to create awareness for volunteerism amongst youths.

  • seeing a man about a horse

    traditional horseback archery

    A bow, an arrow and a horse. We look at the life of Din Mahidin, founder of Traditional Horseback Archery in Malaysia and Southeast Asia's leading horseback archer and medalist.

  • signs & facades: johor bahru

    the charm in old signages and shop facades

    In the first of our series, we take a look at the old-school charm of Johor Bahru.