• the boat builders of pulau duyong

    keeping it afloat

    Hidden away in the corner of Kuala Terengganu, there is a small fishing island that glitters like emerald along the East Coast strait, where ancient boat builders reside.

  • no rest for the wknd

    documenting our music

    The Wknd has been steadfast in their documentation of the local independent music scene for the past eight years. What keeps this machine humming?

  • five artefacts to find in muzium negara

    day in the museum

    Some Malaysians have hazy memories of a school trip to Muzium Negara, while others may have never stepped foot inside. If you are in the latter camp, maybe this article is the push you need to give it a visit. 

  • the rise of indie in sabah

    sabah independent music

    There’s a certain stereotype about East Malaysians that is rather flattering. Just like our neighbours the Philippines, they often get asked if all Sabahans can sing. While not 100% true, there’s no doubt that the talented state is undergoing its own indie uprising.

  • jalan pasar sights

    on the streets

    There’s never a dull moment on Jalan Pasar, so much so that we find ourselves making return trips to the street. Here’s a collection of sights that might compel you to pay Jalan Pasar a visit.