• 7 malaysian movies to watch

    local films

    Renowned Malaysian film critic Hassan Muthalib reminds us that Malaysian cinema does have something to offer. 

  • teaching on the fringes

    cikgu adeline

    Teaching is serious business and those who take up the cause, should be lauded. Through Teach For Malaysia, everyday Malaysians like Adeline can choose to take two years off to teach English in schools (for her, in Bagan Serai, Perak) and directly impact the Malaysian education system.

  • why do makers make?

    insight from local makers

    Four makers and three curators who are courageously walking the handmade path tell us why they think making is back.

  • monsoon surfing in the east coast

    good times express monsoon surfing in cherating

    A thin blue line separates the two elements, water and air. Staring out at the vast, marker-less canvas of blue, the scale (or rather lack of it) is overwhelming. 

  • malls of yesteryear

    kl’s earliest shopping destinations

    In Kuala Lumpur where new malls are constantly coming up and old ones are being refurbished to meet modern consumer needs, there are constitutions that still stand strong through the decades.