• hijab collecting in malaysia

    we meet two women with 100 hijabs each

    Fashion is home to collectors of all stripes, with clotheshorse being the designated term for people who maintain stuffed closets full of stylish pieces. But there are specialised fashion fans who focus on shoes, bags, accessories, and the like. As a country with a predominantly Muslim...

  • creative grants and where to find them

    no better time to make your ideas a reality.

    Whether you’re a filmmaker who wants to learn more about your craft, or an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea for an app, there are a number of schemes available in Malaysia to support you. Some are funded by the government, while others come from independent bodies.

  • roaring for the new year

    the lion dance is tradition every chinese new year

    The lion dance is tradition every Chinese New Year for it is believed that the energetic and noisy performance - complete with cymbals, gongs and drums - chases away ghosts, evil spirits and bad luck.

  • chinese new year: snacks and cookies

    loosen those belts, chinese new year is here!

    Chinese New Year is the biggest and most important celebration for the Chinese worldwide. The auspicious 15 days mark the beginning of the Lunar calendar, and are filled with customs and traditions associated with good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.

  • life in the back lane: klang valley


    You’d be surprised what you can find when you wander away from the main streets. In the first part of a continuing photo series, we explore alleyways, side streets and jalan belakang to unearth the life, art and business in these lanes.