• the write stuff

    going back to pen & paper

    Not just about buying fancy stationery, the pen to paper movement has spread the act of physical journaling and calligraphy to the masses. 

  • filipino feasts

    a taste of laguna

    Get acquainted with authentic Filipino dishes at Laguna Restaurant.

  • the right to the padang

    dataran merdeka

    Formerly known as the Padang, Dataran Merdeka continues to be a sacred urban space that commemorates Malaysia’s historic road to independence. We explore the growing pains of Dataran Merdeka and what it means for the public to reclaim meaning and ownership over historical spaces in Kuala Lu

  • young, talented and malaysian

    bakat muda sezaman 2016

    Balai Seni gives recognition to emerging talents in support of an artistic career.

  • kampung baru: past, present, future

    the gentrification of kampung baru

    The seemingly stuck-in-time villages of Kampung Baru nestled among the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur have long been viewed as a symbol of Malay culture’s presence in the city. But as time catches up, what form will progress and development take?