• match point

    kelantan match factory

    The oldest operating match factory in Malaysia, Kelantan Match Factory is the home of the iconic Cap Lada/Chilly Brand matches, which are still widely used around the country today. We pay a visit to the 84-year-old factory.  

  • fashion is textile, textile is fashion

    national textile museum

    The Malaysian National Textile Museum houses cultural gems that are begging to be noticed by you. 

  • good vibrations

    coastal store

    Coastal Store, an independent music and bookstore-café, offers visitors a new place to discover the arts in Kuantan.

  • coast guards

    kelab alami

    In Johor’s Gelang Petah, young adults are spearheading community development and environmental education through Kelab Alami.

  • a year in (insta)photos


    A roundup of some of our favourite #MyMalaysia Instagram shots this year.