• a jungle gotong-royong

    the staff of berjaya times square hotel

    The morning sky is speckled with amber-tinged clouds, signalling the rise of the sun. There is a serene grandeur in it all, as if gazing at heaven itself. Set against this ethereal backdrop is the famous Malacca Straits Mosque, built on a man-made island. The sanctuary itself is an architec

  • edutourism in malaysia

    where education meets tourism

    The newly-launched Malaysia 101 Edutourism Packages by the Higher Education and Tourism Ministry to promote Malaysia and its culture to both local and international travelers in conjunction with Higher Education Week Malaysia.

  • think beyond your postings

    let us all reflect on this malaysia day

    Times have changed dramatically. We no longer have to wait for each morning to read newspapers while having breakfast. The combination of smartphones and the ever increasingly busy lives we are leading now had given us the permit to digest news on the go.

  • the truth about hiking: you will get there

    like most sports, hiking strengthens relationships

    When someone climb Mount Kinabalu with their friends, they would not have made it if not for three things: to tick that peak off their bucket list, the glorious sunrise, and a group of blind climbers. It is a challenge to start but once you take that first step, the rewards soon follow.

  • tiger bites: a food trail of roaring good food

    uncage the street food havens throughout malaysia

    Street food is a big part of Malaysian culture, whether in the big cities or smaller towns. We all have our favorite spots but there are so much more out there yet to be discovered. The new campaign aims to “uncage” the street food havens throughout Malaysia