• comic retweet

    komik ronyok and hxsm

    As print media shifts to digital, comic strips also follow suit. But what remains in a webcomic is the old formula of mixing satire with social commentary. We speak to two of Malaysia’s rising webcomic artists, Jai of Komik Ronyok and hxsm, to find out more behind their viral comic strips.&

  • signs and facades: kota kinabalu

    kk, sabah

    Continuing our photo series on signboards and store facades, we visit Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to document what the town has to offer.

  • making history

    the malaysian historical society

    It doesn’t always end well when we dabble in fictions over facts. Good thing we have the Malaysian Historical Society holding down the fort – almost literally, with Wisma Sejarah. 

  • a longhouse engagement

    traditional iban wedding

    Iban weddings are expansive and elaborate in all forms – from their customs right down to their costumes. 

  • the art of conservation at balai

    preserving artwork for the future

    The Collection and Conservation Division works behind the scenes at Balai Seni Negara to preserve artwork for future generations.