• patrolling history

    royal malaysian police museum

    A treat for history buffs, there is much to learn about the roles our authorities played in the past at the Royal Malaysian Police Museum.

  • a man of many hats

    mohd jayzuan

    Projek Rabak founding father Mohd Jayzuan is determined to tap into Malaysia’s deep pool of artistic and musical talent, starting with his home state Perak.

  • rise of the small town

    the artsy revolution

    These Malaysian entrepreneurs are doing all it takes to bring their own small towns at par with the nation’s more established art centres.

  • the master

    aikido shudokan

    Known as the “Father of Aikido in Malaysia”, Thamby Rajah Sensei helped to plant the seed that spread the martial art across the country and beyond. Today, his successors carry on the aikido master’s legacy at Aikido Shudokan. 

  • the writing on the wall

    heritage city

    George Town clears the way for an invitation to look a little closer at the details of its heritage buildings. To get you started, here’s a guide to the meanings behind some architectural elements.