Cake Delivery in Malaysia

09 August 2018

Cake delivery platforms like Eat Cake Today and Cake Together have eased the lives of Malaysian bakers and pastry-lovers alike.

Given the love Malaysians have for food, it was only a matter of time until on-demand cake delivery would happen.

“Eat Cake Today began in 2015 when our founders were working corporate jobs and realised how there weren’t many cake options out there for office celebrations. There was also the hassle of having to transport a whole cake back to the office. That was when the idea of working with local bakers came about,” says Chen Shin Torng, Business Development Manager of Eat Cake Today.

The gula melaka banana cake is one of Eat Cake Today’s bestsellers

As for Brent Chan, co-founder of Cake Together, he started his platform in 2017 when he saw a way to provide a solution to a common business problem. “I knew a baker in university and saw how hard it was to capitalise on just selling cakes, which was how Cake Together started. Our main goal is to support bakers by helping them expand and focus,” he adds, understanding full well the cost and logistics concerns most bakers face.

Chen Shin Torng of Eat Cake Today

Both platforms feature mostly home bakers and over hundreds of cake flavours, including vegan and gluten-free options. The wide range of cakes, from whimsically designed birthday cakes to popular favourites like salted caramel chocolate cake, makes for an eye-catching experience to browse through. Cakes are baked fresh daily, with plenty available for same-day delivery.

With an average of 50 to 60 cakes sold per day, recent demand has led to both platforms doubling their sales on festive seasons and commercial celebrations like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Cake Together co-founders Lim Jun Yang and Brent Chan

“Sometimes the demand gets so overwhelming to the point where we do the deliveries ourselves,” says Chen of Eat Cake Today.

Aside from giving local bakers an outlet to sell their cakes to a wider audience, these platforms have also helped in establishing them further.

S’Mores Cake on Cake Together

“Some of our bakers have become well-known successes of their own. For example, Little Tee Cakes went from being featured on the site to having a successful online following and eventually running their own site,” shares Chen. She estimates that it takes around one to two years on the platform for a baker to become well-established in the market, and firmly believes that the ones who thrive on the site are successful because they consistently adhere to Eat Cake Today’s high quality standards. 

For Cake Together, Chan says the site has helped in nurturing local communities by supporting bakers who dedicate their business to a good cause.

Earl grey tea cake on Cake Together

“We feature bakers based on not just their cakes, but their visions too. For example, we have a baker who advocates causes [benefiting] SPCA and the National Cancer Society. We try to accommodate this by channeling a share of sales to these foundations,” he says.

“We believe in enlarging communities and working with local businesses,” he adds. “Last Valentine’s Day, we collaborated with local startup, 50Gram, and bundled their flowers with our cakes.”

Chan also believes that Malaysians’ cake preferances have definitely transformed and expanded with the platform. “Malaysians tend to go for more unique flavours now because we’ve simplified their selection process. They can instantly see the cakes and get a better sense of what they’re getting.”

Unicorn Cake on Eat Cake Today.

Eat Cake Today’s Chen feels the same. “Previously, most Malaysians’ selection of cakes were limited to what they had in stores but we’ve changed that. Recently, we even started launching pastries and the response has been positive, with customers buying them for their own consumption instead of for a celebration.” 

Whether it’s coming up with new pastries or exciting collaborations, both teams are happy to expand further based on where their business takes them. And judging by the success each platform has received, you can be pretty sure that what’s next to come will be sweet indeed for everyone involved.

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By S.J.
Photos by Teoh Eng Hooi.
Cake Together photos courtesy of Cake Together.


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