Financial Literacy Through Art

26 October 2015

Financial Literacy Through Art


Yom Nurul Akma

Financial Lateracy is an exhibition commemorating Buku Wang Saku, Bank Negara’s distinctive venture into educating the young on the importance of financial management.

Initiated in 1999 with fourteen editions released to date, the series of books assemble fascinating yet informative caricatures by Malaysia’s most celebrated cartoonist, Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, or fondly known as Lat, in the heart of Malaysians.

His works have, over the years touched on many aspects of money management as seen from the context of ordinary Malaysians, leaving us with memorable and lasting impressions not only on prudent financial management but also on Malaysian life and society.

Important lessons about saving, conserving and avoiding wastages are powerfully conveyed through the remarkably creative and entertaining visuals that Malaysians all have come to know and love. Lat is no stranger to Malaysians. He has resonated his pieces, with the intention to entertain and subsequently to educate, in which this Financial Lateracy fulfils magnificently.

To date, millions of copies of Buku Wang Saku have been disseminated to school children, promoting good financial management habits which hopefully, makes a profound difference in their future financial wellbeing. In light of being well equipped with knowledge, skills and tools, these children will be able to make profound, sound management decisions in the era where the younger generation have more money to spend, exposing them to greater temptations and hence taking on more debts.  

Financial education is therefore a vital skill one has to develop from a tender age where school children are guided to plan their finances with these creative visuals to spur prudent behaviour of sound financial management.

On this notion, Bank Negara has initiated a number of efforts to enhance the financial competence among Malaysians through a nationwide campaign that was launched in 1996.

The Financial Lateracy exhibition allows the visitors to experience and appreciate the fine works of Datuk Lat while highlighting key money management messages. The timeless caricatures showcase in this exhibition will embody the true essence of a multicultural Malaysia, depicting the diversity of our peoples, cultures and traditions.

This exhibition is also taking place at a time where more than 300 global policy makers in the areas of financial literacy and education from all parts of the world are gathered here in Malaysia. On that note, the works of Datuk Lat will continue, not only to inspire us Malaysians, but many others across the globe.

The exhibition is happening now until December 2015 at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur. Admission is free.




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