Helping Hands

29 November 2016

Too busy to run errands? We look at some Malaysian apps and websites designed to help you out and make life easier.

For most working folk, work never seems to end; schedules fill up so rapidly that we’re unable to do the simplest things, like do laundry or shop for groceries. In the past few years, Malaysian startups have been coming through with all sorts of different web and app-based platforms to help us run errands at the tap of a button. Here are three you should know about.
A platform for you to source flexible labour on top of empowering individuals to earn through new ways of employment, GoGet has been helping individuals and businesses get things done since 2014, and now it’s even expanded to Hong Kong. Not limiting itself to just the usual food delivery and dispatch jobs, GoGet’s wide list of services also include more personalised ones like helping you assemble furniture, cleaning, flyering and more. All you have to do is register, fill in the details of the job you need done including price offered, and the system will source a GoGetter for you.

In addition to its personal assistant services, GoGet also creates jobs for people wanting to earn extra money, as anyone can sign up to become a GoGetter, creating a healthy marketplace where people help each other. According to founder Francesca Chia, 2017 will surely see GoGet increase its reach even more with better user experience and products that fit users’ needs.


Fresh Press
For some of us, doing laundry is a tedious task we dread every week, but what if someone else can pick up your dirty clothes, wash them and deliver them back to your doorstep?

Established in 2015 by founder Sasha Prakash, Fresh Press can collect, launder and deliver clean clothes to you – all in less than 24 hours. This premium on-demand laundry service based in Kuala Lumpur offers wash and fold, wash and press, dry-cleaning and press-only services for both clothing and household items like carpets and curtains. Fresh Press services are between 8am to 10pm daily (even on public holidays!) and start from RM3.50 per kg for wash and fold. The best part? Pick-up and delivery are free for now, as Fresh Press’s primary focus will always be on the customers and their experience as a whole. So have your laundry sorted in a matter of a day wherever you are.


If you can’t make the trip to a specialty grocer for your favourite natural and organic food products, Freshcart offers a one-stop solution at the click of a mouse. The startup kicked off in 2014 by focusing only on fresh fruits before expanding into an online store to highlight natural and organic products by independent food entrepreneurs. All products featured have also undergone stringent quality check procedures, and a browse through Freshcart’s website gives you a small but focused collection of artisanal spreads, granola, teas, organic pasta and more. Keep checking back as they’re continuously adding new products. At the moment, Freshcart only delivers to areas within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with free delivery for purchases of RM40 and above.

Freshcart was also the second runner-up in the Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge 2015 for having served customers and corporate clients. Last October, Founders Jonathan Oh and Soh Shangrong also launched a business platform to serve small company managers with office procurement called Supplycart.

By Kevin Yeoh
Images courtesy of respective startups featured

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