No Rest For The Wknd

27 May 2016

The Wknd has been steadfast in their documentation of the local independent music scene for the past eight years. What keeps this machine humming?

The Wknd came into our lives in 2008 and has since grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading portals that document and promote the local independent music scene. It was named as such because it started off as a weekend project that focused on video content. Founded by Fikri Fadzil, they stayed as an online medium because it offered less restrictions, in terms of content and presentation.

Anyone who runs an online business knows how hard it is to maintain it and to be relevant. But after consistently receiving good feedback from the featured artists (the videos made an impact in their musical careers) and the community, Fikri’s instincts told him that the platform was making all the right moves.

So what makes The Wknd work? Fikri explains, “The medium is definitely one of the biggest factors, as the Internet is less restrictive, and has a global reach. The down side would be all the other content that we have to compete with. It also boils down to our curation team, and the gut feeling we have towards artists.” Since its establishment as a web TV show, The Wknd has branched out into various parts of the music industry as they are involved with A&R, bookings, organising their own events and showcases. “Recently, we've started to consult and provide various services to brands that want to communicate with their audiences using music as a marketing tool,” adds Fikri.

When it comes to memorable moments, Fikri tells us that the positive reception towards The Wknd has helped carve a path in their musical journey, both on a personal and creative level. He also mentions the 2012 project Panggung Muzik commissioned by Kakiseni for their festival. The Wknd helped put together a live re-scoring performance by three Malaysian bands to three Malaysian films. Another one that is dear to his heart would have to be their first regional event series called Cross Border Showcase.

So what sort of challenges does The Wknd have to face? Fikri explains, “The biggest challenge would be funding and external factors such as the state of the music industry, globally. But it's really a blessing in disguise, as the current state of the music industry also offers a chance for anyone to come up with the solution. Even if it's easier said than done, it's still a possibility.”

Moving forward, The Wknd has a lot of ideas up their sleeves but they are all works in progress so it is best not to put it out there just yet as Fikri “tak nak termakan kata.” He did tell us to watch out for a big launch by the end of 2016 and for that plan to go through, The Wknd would need “Ringgits so that I could hire my dream team, and a mentor or two.”

So if you think you could help The Wknd achieve their goals, go reach out to Fikri now! In the meantime, keep following their social media as they will be rolling out new videos and digital content in the next few months.

By Kevin Yeoh


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