The Arrival of iM4U Sentral

27 April 2016

Building a community within a hub to create awareness for volunteerism amongst youths.

Malaysia’s volunteerism platform for the youth, iM4U has been around since 2012, inspiring youths to make a difference through volunteer programs. The initiative recently launched a new hub called iM4U Sentral that integrates with existing social and development programs for youth in Puchong. Currently, the 5.58-acre iM4U site houses its headquarters, radio station iM4U fm, as well as a multi-purpose complex opened for public that has facilities for sports, events, seminars and accommodation.

The recently launched iM4U Sentral comes with a two-floor hostel, complete with shared lobby, laundry, pantry and community bathrooms to accommodate 157 people. Within the vicinity is Arena, the sporting venue with two futsal courts, a gymnasium, courts for basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, linear par course and climbing walls. The Rectangle serves as a multi-purpose hall with an AV system, stage and holding room, which can also become three badminton courts. Then there’s also Lanai Santai, which is a creative space for small events and seminars that comes with a soundproofed room for video and sound recording. A semi open-air eatery completes the iM4u Sentral experience.


Rudy Malik, the CEO of iM4U explains this new project, “iM4U Sentral is the epicentre for us to empower and build resilient youths with greater and more impactful volunteer activities. It is a centre that offers great facilities for our youths to take part, get involved and make a difference.” That is exactly what they have been doing especially through their recent iM4U Reach Out Convention & Celebration event to project the spirit of volunteerism through unconventional activities.

Did you know that there is also a Volunteer Malaysia Awards app? Volunteers who take part in iM4U volunteer programs can record their contributions through the app to keep track of the time spent on each activity, accumulate it into points and redeem merchandise. It is available to be downloaded on the Apple App or Google Play stores.

By Kevin Yeoh
Photos courtesy of iM4u


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