Think Beyond Your Postings

26 October 2015

Times have changed dramatically. We no longer have to wait for each morning to read newspapers while having breakfast. The combination of smartphones and the ever increasingly busy lives we are leading now had given us the permit to digest news on the go. More are turning to social media to obtain their daily news fix but unfortunately more often than usual, we tend to trust these platforms as legit source of news. 


Do we take the time to verify the news before clicking on the Retweet, Share and Forward buttons? Are we taking responsibility for the news we consume and share? Do we check and clarify if it comes from a credible source? Do we even think before we share the news?

Unfortunately no. Today, most of us are just like Rizal. 

We choose to believe what is being circulated. We choose to doubt the truth. We choose to think and believe that this nation has nothing great to offer. We often forget our unique blend of history and modernity, our rich heritage, and our friendly people. 

Have we forgotten our very own Yuna’s exceptional journey to the States to make excellent music?

Have we forgotten the mighty Malaysia Airlines soaring high above the sky offering Malaysian hospitality?

Have we forgotten that PETRONAS is now on the world map across continents, as one of the Oil and Gas giants?

Have we forgotten the beautiful Malaysian arts and crafts? Have we forgotten the sound of sape, gamelan, wayang kulit, to name a few, touring all around the world promoting their uniqueness and beauty?

Indeed, we have forgotten all of these.

We have forgotten that this land of ours is formed by diversifying cultures, born out of the melting pots of rich cultures, intertwined to form the people we are today. We have created a colourful country of food, languages and celebrations. Maybe Rizal should be proud and honoured to be part of this giant family.

Maybe it's about time Rizal and the rest of us revisit the history of this nation, embrace its colourful life and cultures, clutch its diversity and for once, put less trust on those social media platforms. 

Let us all reflect on this Malaysia Day and remember why Malaysia has been such a perfect home for us. The grass may always seem to be greener on the other side, but that’s only because we haven’t taken the time to look beyond the shadow, cast over the grass beneath us from which we stand on.  

Despite whatever is going on right now, I am still a proud Malaysian. Are you?

Selamat Hari Malaysia.

Author: Yom Nurul Akma

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