Blue Boy Mansion

20 June 2016

Despite its name, Blue Boy Mansion is a far cry from a large, luxurious house. But it is home to the remaining few who still live there.

Built in 1962, Blue Boy Mansion sits within the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur. It was originally occupied by local Chinese residents but of late, only around 20% of the building’s residents are Malaysian.

Mr Zhong (not his real name) is a middle aged man still living at Blue Boy Mansion. He tells us that in recent years, many of the locals have moved out, including his own son. Rental for one unit is around RM1000, which is a steal for a place in the heart of the capital city. But conditions are a far cry from when it was first built. Some units rented out to foreign workers have been partitioned to maximise occupancy – even going as far as partitioning the kitchen.

It is 11am and Blue Boy Mansion is still and quiet. Whereas a few years ago, it would have been filled with the smells and clatter of lunch being prepared in various home, it now stands empty for most of its residents are hard at work, hustling for a better future in a foreign country.

It is a different story on the ground level, though, as a vegetarian restaurant braces itself for the lunch hour crowd. In a few hours’ time, the distinctive voice of the restaurant owner will be heard, taking down orders from the customers that file in from neighbouring office buildings, looking for a cheap, wholesome midday meal.

As seen by Wong Yok Teng


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