Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Kuala Kurau

26 January 2016

Switch to the slow lane here in the fishing village of Kuala Kurau. Part of the experience of eating here is people watching, so grab a teh ais, settle down at the local coffee shop and take it all in.

Wake up early and head to where most of Kuala Kurau gathers to have their first meal of the day - Kedai Kopi Kor Lau. You will find a small stretch of hawker stalls selling Chinese and Malay breakfasts. Amidst the chatter and steam, locate the porridge stall that is parked right at the front of the coffee shop. You won’t miss the huge pot of braised pork innards, tofu, and hard-boiled eggs when you place your order. Spoon in the gravy filled goodness and mix with your porridge. The damage? A mere RM3.50.

Add: Jalan Besar, 34350 Kuala Kurau.
Price range    : Below RM10

It apparently is a crime to come to Kuala Kurau and not try their fried prawn pancakes. Leave mediocrity behind and head to where the gold standard is - Kedai Kopi Kean Seng Lee. Order the prawn pancakes at a house nearby and they will bring it to you at the coffee shop. Made out of shredded turnip, chives and prawns coated in batter, this deep-fried pocket of deliciousness is exceptionally crunchy thanks to it special Eno-infused batter. You can pair it with the coffee shop’s signature drink Hor Gha Sai (Tiger Bites Lion); a Milo-coffee concoction so powerful it promises to energise a tiger enough to fight a lion. There are other options on the shop’s menu too if that doesn’t quite fill you up. Arriving at noon also rewards you with a glimpse of another sort of fighting match - between prized fighter fish brought along by their local owners.    

Add: Bagan Seberang, 34350 Kuala Kurau. 
Price range    : Below RM10

Most restaurants here pre-cook their food, seeing it as a more cost-efficient way to operate a family-run business. Mothers prepare the dishes before opening hours and children take care of the customers. When you eat seafood in Kuala Kurau, know that it might have been caught by the man walking pass you on the street. Naturally, seafood dishes are abundant at Kedai Kopi Oon Lai. Well known for its curries, you can pick the fish curry you’d like for your meal. Other notable choices include the XO chicken, tender pork ribs and salted fish meatballs. If you leave your dinner table with room for a little more, cross the street and get some deep fried belacan chicken at one of the many makeshift stalls dotting the roadside. There is but a hint of the shrimp paste, but it would be a very satisfying end to dinner. 

Add: Jalan Pantai, 34350 Kuala Kurau 
Price range    : Below RM15

By Adeline Chua



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