Freshwater Prawns in Rompin a ‘must’ for All

07 August 2015

ROMPIN: If you have a penchant for freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) and you happen to be in Rompin, then your visit will not be complete without whetting your appetite for it.

Incidentally, this town is famous for and synonymous with ‘Sungai Rompin freshwater prawns’.

At a row of eating outlets at Leban Chondong, many of the food operators serve a variety of freshwater prawn dishes to satiate customers’ cravings, likely compelling first-timers to seek them out again.

Realising the demand increase for the crustaceans in the run-up to the Rompin parliamentary by-election, restaurant owners and middlemen have started stocking up on freshwater prawns to avoid disappointing customers.

Operator of ‘Gerai Makan Azizah’, Nur Azura Sulaiman, 38, feels a certain sense of satisfaction every time she observes customers peeling off prawn shells and enjoying the succulent juices they could get out of the food.

“I use 12-15kg of freshwater prawns daily. The amount goes up on weekends; in fact it can reach up to 100kg.

“So I decided to stock up and stop selling them temporarily in readiness for the demand during the by-election period,” she told Bernama here, today.

“The most popular dishes among customers are ‘masak tomato’, ‘goreng kunyit’,’masak lemak cili api’ and ‘sambal tumis petai’. ‘Mee udang’ is also a favourite,” she said.

Asked what was so special about the Rompin freshwater prawn, she replied, “Definitely its sweet and fleshy texture.”

“It also does not take long to cook. A certain amount of water would suffice, to maintain the tender taste,” she added.--BERNAMA

Gerai Makan Azizah operator Nur Azura Sulaiman shows the famous delicacies. Bernama photo.

Source: NST
Originally published: 20 April 2015

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