drinks for breaking fast

04 August 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: After fasting for 14 hours without a drop of water, what you drink during breaking of fast is important, writes Kasmiah Mustapha

Dehydration is common during Ramadan since the body is without food and water for 14 hours during the day. While having the right food and drinks at sahur can keep you going throughout the day, it is also important to choose the right drink for breaking of fast. Since the body loses liquid through sweat and urine, you need healthy, refreshing drinks when breaking fast to fight dehydration and restore energy levels. Subang Jaya Medical Centre Dietetics and Food Services manager Nurul Aziah Musa says breaking fast with the right food and drinks is crucial. “With our hot climate, fluids are lost through sweat. A nutritious drink can restore your energy and hydration levels after you break fast,” she says. “It is essential to make wise beverage choices and have a healthy meal planned for berbuka.”

Here are some drinks you should consider:

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