Not just food: Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant

04 August 2015

Shopping for clothes is hard work. Walking from store to store, browsing through racks and the never end trips to the changing room to try and find the right outfit… it’s enough to drive a girl to distraction. Or hunger. And if the latter is the case, then Elegantology Gallery and Restaurant in Publika is where fashion meets food. Tucked away along the foodie street in Publika, Elegantology is both a restaurant and a boutique with clothing by designers including Beatrice Looi and Michael Ong.

The elevated banquet dining area gives you a view of the shop floor in all its quirky elegance; crystal chandeliers are suspended over the latest fashions while baroque styled furniture is paired with stripey velveteen cushions.

However despite the lavish surroundings, the dinner menu was disappointingly small; a couple of salads, a handful of sandwiches and pasta dishes and 2 desserts were all that was on offer. This would have sufficed elsewhere, but I had browsed through Elegantology’s website the day before and had my interest piqued by the promise of celebrity chefs offering up oysters, Kobe beef and other delicacies. We were politely but regretfully informed that the website had not yet been updated to reflect the new menu, and so a salad and pasta it was to be.

The cocktails before the meal did nothing but further smack our already bruised expectations; they were watered down and closer to lemonade than a Lemon Drop (RM26). Luckily, things took a turn for the better with a quintessential Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon (RM25). I have the greatest respect for a perfectly poached egg, and the one that topped the salad didn’t disappoint. The dressing was suitably tangy with lemon and anchovies and the smoked salmon really quite excellent.

The Soft Shell Crab Pasta with Curried Buttermilk (RM28) sauce tasted a little raw (like the spices had not been cooked out enough) but the crustacean itself was crisply deep fried and succulent. The same care was also lavished on the Grilled Chicken Thigh on a bed of Pesto Pasta (RM24), the meat was tender and juicy but with a healthy smoky char on the outside. The pasta noodles for both dishes were not al dente, but then again I have been accused of preferring my pasta dangerously toothsome. We ended dinner with a beautifully presented Moist Raspberry Chocolate Cake (RM22); it was suitably dense and augmented with an ethereally light Chantilly cream.

 I certainly could see how ladies who lunch would love Elegantology Boutique and Gallery, but you’d probably need to stay away from the pasta and chocolate cake if you have any hope of fitting into those dreamy dresses. 

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