Figures of Success

13 April 2017

Not just for children, collecting figurines is also quite popular with adults who appreciate the art and effort that goes into them. Here are three notable makers to check out.

Whether it’s cool action figures or cute, miniaturised versions of everyday objects, there’s something about figurines that brings out your childlike fascination with the small and inanimate. The next time you’re looking to update your collection, place an order with these homegrown makers who specialise in crafting original figurines.

Started in 2015 by Ethan Tang and Aaron Liew of Penang-based collectibles store Toypanic, JackalX is the duo’s line of 1:6 scale original action figures – complete with its own original backstory and universe created by the duo themselves. Last year, JackalX unveiled its maiden 1:6 scale prototypes of characters Sergeant John Reese and Corporal Joel Hagan at Hong Kong’s Toy Soul 2016 convention. These characters are part of JackalX’s post-apocalyptic universe called Ophiuchus: Dawn of Humanoid, an elaborate backstory that weaves history with sci-fi. After close to two years of designing and conceptualising, JackalX’s first 1:6 scale collectible action figure of John Reese has recently been made available for pre-order until 28 April, priced at USD208 (around RM923). 


Noticing how other countries were able to capture their respective local cultures through charming souvenirs, Tradisi founder Ronnie Lew was inspired to do the same here. Tradisi specialises in handmade and handpainted figurines depicting Malaysian culture and heritage – all designed and conceptualised by Ronnie’s daughter, Suann. You’ll find characters representing Malaysian ethnic groups such as Baba Nyonya, Penan and Kadazandusun, as well as figurines portraying traditional dance forms like tarian zapin and Bharatanatyam, among many others. Every single character is a symbol of Tradisi’s handiwork, and each one has its own unique story about the culture or art form portrayed. You can also get Tradisi products customised as corporate gifts.

Tradisi figurines are priced between RM200 to RM250 and can be purchased at Central Market or online at


Using simple tools like tweezers, needles and resin clay, Lim Pui Wan of Etsy store PicoWorm is able to create miniaturised versions of Malaysian food and objects with exquisite detail. The self-taught miniature artist first got into her craft over ten years ago when she created a lollipop; since then, Pui Wan’s miniature creations have grown more sophisticated, evident in the way she can perfectly nail the intricate details of ang koo kuih, for example, or capture the dirt and grime on kitchen tiles. According to Pui Wan, her most impressive creation to date is a 1:12 scale model of a traditional kedai runcit, complete with vintage biscuit tins and a counter stocked with Ding Dang and Tora. Created based on her childhood memories, Pui Wan sees her craft as a way to preserve them.

PicoWorm products are priced from RM40 to RM363 per item and are available on Etsy. Check out more PicoWorm creations on Instagram.           

By Emma Mallaburn
Images courtesy of respective brands featured

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