Generating JB Youth Culture

28 February 2016

Located just a bit off from Johor Bahru City, sits Kilang Bateri - a phenomenal depot that curates all things ‘JOHO’. This 110,000 square feet defunct building of what used to be an Eveready brand battery factory is now a reformed space that houses more than 180 franchises ranging from food kiosks to fashion boutiques, accessories, hobby supplies and hipster cafes to cater the cultural needs of Johor Bahru City’s young adult. Overlooking at its industrial brick-wood and metal-esque interior fundamentals, it is impossible to ignore the urban minimal cultured oeuvre of the place as a whole. Essentially, the space is set to cater the needs of young multitalented group of local entrepreneurs, designers, and artists who requires a platform for their start-up and as a leisure destination for local community.

Kilang Bateri has significantly gained recognition as a local and international attraction for various kinds of activity that stimulates positive youth culture, which is very much needed in the Southern Region. With sections curated fundamentally to serve various activities related to youth and young adult such an indoor skate park, food and beverages, fashion and accessories and even a barbershop, its establishment thus convinces a positive growth in youth culture within the next 5 to 10 years. Most importantly this establishment is the first of its kind among the three largest Cities in Malaysia consequently making it as a convincing pilot project as well as a training ground in the world of independent entrepreneurial venture.

To date, Kilang Bateri has been able to attract approximately 200,000 visitors since its commencement last June. With monthly rental of RM 3000 per lot, it has become a platform to various start-ups as an incubator that consecutively provides such pragmatic training to them. In months of operation the place has achieved nearly 95% of occupation rate of vendors with more than 80 others on the waiting list queuing to be a part of this ever-growing entrepreneurial centre. The establishment of this promising franchise is a joint venture of three visionary companies that are known as culture providers in Johor Bahru City since the last 10 years namely Johor Concept, Fun Time Entertainment Sdn. Bhd. And Skala Reka Sdn. Bhd. These visionary companies are envisioned to stimulate the fair growth of bumiputeras’ youth economy by providing a facility that is practical in term of management as well as conducive in manner.

With the capital of RM 1.5 million, after a year of operation Kilang Bateri has received several positive recognition and awards, among of them is the recent IMSHA (Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Award) for being the best Social Innovator in the local community. This important recognition has proven Kilang Bateri’s credibility in not only empowering Johor Bahru’s youth movement but also stimulating a positive growth in economic sustainability for Johor State as a whole. On a less serious note, entering this industrial minimal structured building visitor should be able to notice an indoor skate park that lies on a 10,000 square feet ground, a creative performing art stage as well as a go-kart track assembled specifically for the needs of talented and aspiring youth to nurture their talents as well as ensuring a profitable venture.

Kilang Bateri is situated at Jalan Tampoi, Johor Bahru and operates from 12 pm to 12 am daily. This youth-culture empowering powerhouse is not only a home to hundreds of inspirational independent youth businesses but also a stage to various local and international musicians, artists and creative-minded individuals who are very much passionate in ensuring the positive growth in the development of youth and economic sustainability among them. Be sure to pay Kilang Bateri a visit whenever you come down to Johor Bahru City.

Kilang Bateri is located at Jalan Tampoi, Kawasan Perindustrian Tampoi, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Text and photo by KHRL


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