Homegrown Beauty Brands

07 April 2016

Local beauty brands are emerging and stand to compete against international brands with their quality ingredients, unique innovation and stellar products.

Beauty products have become a necessity, ranging from skincare and bath products, to make-up and hair treatments. While we’ve heavily relied on international brands that have been splashed across our screens and flooded retail spaces, there is one area that sometimes gets overlooked: homegrown beauty brands. Local brands are flourishing and we’ve found them to be quality products that are effective yet affordable. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Wunderbath Co

No stranger to the industry, Wunderbath gained attention thanks to its quirky and ultra-realistic bath products. The brand stands to bring wholesome beauty products that are made with vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. While a range of products are available, the Wundersoap is their bestselling product, made with SLS-free scented soap, designed to mimic various products such as rubber ducks, breakfast platters, cupcakes and more. Talk about making the mundane task of showers a lot more fun! Wunderbath products are all handcrafted and affordable, starting at only RM9.90. Their products can be found in Men Mall USJ, Fashion Valet and online.

Bad Lab

Owning the market for men, Bad Lab takes bold and daring moves to create a beauty line for the masculine man. From packaging to products, Bad Lab goes the distance to ensure the manliest of all men can bask in skincare products while retaining their cool with products like Mineralizing Mud, Sculpting Shower Gel, Hair Clay and the likes of it. We love how their products are quirkily named to suit their branding style. Among the many are Slick Rick, Caveman Cleaner, Legally High and Battle Repair. Bad Lab products are now available in major supermarkets, pharmacies and through their online retail store.


Founded by eyebrow shaping expert, Professor Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh, Empro is a local cosmetic brand that emerged at a time when women were looking for a product that could fill in sparse eyebrows and enhance the features around the eyes. Enter Empro, the answer to all brow problems. Featuring award-winning products like the Eyebrow Pencil, the talented CocoAlex created his brand to provide safe and natural products and services dedicated to the eyes. From the Black Diamond Liner to the Triangle Brow Pencil, people are raving and in a good way.  Today, their services stretch to include semi-permanent eye makeup, fuller brows, lash extensions and more; all designed to look as natural as possible.  

Coco Lab

A bio-active nutrition and skincare company, Coco Lab features a beautiful range of cold pressed virgin coconut oil products that covers your nutritional and cosmeceutical needs. When it comes to keeping healthy, the nutritional products are great as meal supplements or to be used as an oil replacement in your daily cooking. The health benefits are endless, making this range a popular one. While oils are all the rage, VCO soft gels are also available for the non-chefs and frequent travelers who need the extra boost.

Where skincare is concern, you can find specially formulated potions of natural products tailored to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The brand extends to include other organic and premium products using natural ingredients such as geranium, tea tree oil, lavender and more. These products cover your necessities and vary to include soaps, balms and hair oils. Find their store in Publika, Nu Sentral, Jaya Mall or hop over to their website.

By Rowena Fernandez
Photos courtesy of respective brands

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