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21 December 2015

We step into the inspired world of Ipoh's Lifeshop Atelier to find out more about what drives this creative consultancy.

Inevitably, Georgetown’s meteoric success as Malaysia’s hip heritage tourist attraction would have some spill over effect. The question was not so much of when but where. Trickling its way southwards from the island, the trend seems to have hit the once slow-paced town of Ipoh. Artsy cafes, curated boutiques and nostalgic murals seemed to have come out of the undergrowth. Old shop lots were given the industrial chic facelift and folks from the city centre started to flock to this much nearer weekend getaway - a mere 2 hour drive compared to the 4 hour one to Georgetown.

Calling itself a “creative consultant”, Lifeshop Atelier is one of the prime examples of the new batch of artistic businesses turning Ipoh’s old into gold. Founded by a team of creatives that want to remain anonymous, its flagship store in Ipoh sells everything from macarons to home perfumes.

Lifeshop Atelier started out in 2007 and has three outlets to date - one in Petaling Jaya and two in Ipoh. The team wants to “spread the joy of decorating and to upgrade lifestyles” by bringing in high-quality, handcrafted ware that has a vintage flair and a fun side. 

While setting up the store in Ipoh, the team worked hard to find inspiration in the things that they liked. Sourcing for material “in their rawest form”, be it linen or a piece of wood, the team brought in items that could gel with their store’s main concept.

Its wide spectrum of products are mostly sourced from Asia, Europe and the US. Despite the range, all products bear the common hallmark of clean lines, homespun charm and price tags to match the high quality. The Lifeshop team are particularly proud of their home decor, clothing and apothicaire (scents) range.

Besides being purveyors of carefully curated products, Lifeshop has also got its fingers in the boutique hotel pie. International hospitality company Ariva’s M Boutique Hotel is listed as one of their many projects. Lifeshop’s footprints are stomped all over the design of the hotel’s interior. Echoing the store’s artfully well-stocked style, the hotel’s interior is a visual buffet with things to catch one’s eye at every turn.

Lifeshop seems to be truly a bold venture that is set on expanding its influence across the Kinta Valley and way beyond (if it has its way). All we need to do now is wait and watch while nibbling on an artisan salted caramel macaron.  

By Adeline Chua

Find Lifeshop Atelier at:
142, Jln Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. (Tel: 05-242 2692) 
35G Jln PJU 5/20E, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-6142 9396)
29 Jln Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak (Tel: 05-241 2197) 

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