Online Christmas Gift Guide

22 December 2015

Gift shopping just got easier with local brands selling their wares online.

The season of giving is just around the corner and the Christmas spirit is in the air. The mad rush that often follows with the season paired with the Malaysian habit of last-minute tasks can create quite a painful shopping experience at the mall, especially when you already have so many things to cross off your list. To ease the gift-giving this season, take your shopping online and get it done with a click or two during your lunch break or when waiting out traffic after work. Here’s a list of select online stores with great gems for the season.

Quirky Phone Cases by Just In Case

Budget: RM40 and above

For the frequent phone cover changer, Just In Case sells a wide variety of cases with quirky designs, artistic illustrations and allows for customised cases as well. The options are plenty so the website lets you shop by phone model, collection or pick from the artist series featuring Mossery + Habitatt, Soo Fang or ever popular, Haris Rashid.

Soy Candles by Jasmine Gan

Budget: RM40

Those who appreciate lingering scents of naturally blended fragrances in their spaces will delight in scented candles, handmade by Jasmine. The candles are hand poured and made from 100% natural soy wax with beautiful scents such as coconut and lime, green tea and lemongrass, basil and cucumber, Tahitian vanilla and so much more. Each candle weighs 200 grams and is poured into a screwcap jar, ready to be used anywhere and anytime.

Personalized Leather Goods by Juize by Five

Budget: RM11 – RM45

If there’s a gift that expresses heartfelt thought, it’s a personalised one. Juize by Five offers a range of quality leather goods, from passport covers and keychains, to clutches and iPad casings. These products can be personalised with beautiful vintage charms and embossed lettering, allowing you to emboss your name for a novelty keep that is both beautiful and practical. Get them for your bosses, colleagues, best friends, loved ones or perhaps, check in for their corporate products to get your branding on leathered goods.

Natural Beauty Products by Be Good

Budget: RM30 and above

Beauty products sans chemicals and preservatives are all the rage and what better gift to get a loved one that a homemade body scrub? Be Good is a home-grown brand that has expanded on beautiful handmade scrubs, soaps and other skincare items; specially created to suit all skin types. For the Yuletide season, Be Good has crafted two new products to go with the season. Edelweiss, a sugar-based body scrub featuring almond oil, geranium, thyme and sage and Winter Warmers, a scrub with hints of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and ginger, capturing the scent of a warm Christmas dinner in a beautiful bottle. As Christmas is the season for giving, Be Good pledges to give 10% of the sales to WAO.

Hot Cocoa In A Jar by Craft Kitchen

Budget: RM20 – RM50

Like a hug in a mug, a hot cocoa mix makes a fab gift for friends and family. Craft Kitchen puts together all the ingredients you need in a jar, layering it perfectly to create a beautiful gift. The jars are decorated for the season and for an extra touch, you can get them in Christmas sets that feature mini hot cocoa mix paired with teabags and little trinkets for the season.

By Rowena Jo Fernandez

All photos courtesy of the featured brands

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