The Top 10 Malaysian Music Videos of 2015

07 June 2016

Whether travelling through space or struggling with the Chinese language, these 10 Malaysian music videos had us glued to our screens (computer and otherwise) in 2015.

Regardless of budget, you cannot deny the creativity our Malaysian music acts have been serving us every year especially with some unexpected and creative visuals to accompany their amazing singles. Having to scan through Malaysian music videos released in 2015 proved to be harder than it seemed, but we managed to break it down to 10 game-changing clips, from hip-hop to rock. Take some time off your busy schedules and check out these fine Malaysian music videos that stood out for us, in no particular order.


OJ Law “Introverts”

Known for pushing boundaries when it comes to his music and video creatives, singer-songwriter-producer OJ Law travels to space in The Spacemen-directed visual for “Introverts”; a shimmering song that encapsulates that moment of awkwardness on a dance floor before meeting eyes with a potential kindred spirit.


Enterprise featuring Bil MusaCécile La Lumière”

This video takes you everywhere: from the ocean, to the beach, to the forest and to the cosmos. Shot in Nepal just two weeks before the devastating earthquake hit the country in April 2015, we’ve gotta give it to the band and the team behind the video for its ambition and creativity.


Razlan Shah feat. Darren Ashley “Jungle”

Set in a, well, jungle, Razlan Shah and Darren Ashley takes us on a simple yet melancholic journey of moving forwards in life and leaving the past behind. The video was directed by Adriana Tunku.


Resh “Half The Man”

Renowed singer Resh (previously known as Reshmonu) returns to the scene with this amazing black and white music video for this heart-wrenching track. Kudos to the beautiful and artistic direction!


Najwa Mahiaddin “Sama Saja”

Malaysia’s soul sister Najwa Mahiaddin reminds us of how similar we all are in this social experiment/art exhibition for her latest single “Sama Saja”, written together with fellow singer-songwriter Ali Aiman.


Jin Hackman “Banana”

Local hip-hop star and co-founder of Raising The Bar, Jin Hackman spills on what it is like to be a non-Chinese speaking Chinese with “Banana”, directed by Cliq.


monoloQue “Ringgit (Batu Belah Batu Konkrit 2)”

Director Kadir Chan, with animation by Entropy, has created a great video that will ignite conversations about how hard it is get by in this expensive world that we live in. 


Kaka Azraff feat. Sleeq “Bukan Hal Aku”

Malaysian pop singer Kaka Azraff took a chance with this R&B and trap-infused single by serving some serious fashion business and futuristic animation effects. By far, the most stylish video we’ve seen this year.


Bihzhu “Bright Veins”

Folk singer-songwriter Bihzhu elevates her craft with “Bright Veins” – she’s simply radiating positivity in this video directed by Jeremy Teo and Chris Lim. It also showcases a side of Malaysia that few have seen. This could easily be picked by our tourism board anytime now.


Altimet feat. Tomok “Aku Tahu”

The most moving tune from Altimet’s Kotarayaku album featuring singer Tomok comes with an equally touching video directed by Kroll Azry that speaks on a father-and-son relationship.


By Kevin Yeoh



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