When Dreams Awaken

19 July 2016

Starting out as a little roadside stall built on passion and determination, Chun Hoong and Cheau See tell us how they realised their dreams with Seraph Awaken.

Chun Hoong and Cheau See worked tirelessly in the F&B industry for one employer after another, with no sense of fulfilment. Putting their heads together, they dreamt of a coffee shop, one to call their own. As with many small businesses, funds were not sufficient and to keep things realistic, they decided to take to the streets and find a spot where they could pair their love for brewing coffee with meeting people.

Seraph Awaken, a coffee speciality store was born in a little alley by the streets of Klang, fondly known as the Hibiscus Coffee Shop. Serving hand brewed speciality coffees, the husband and wife team serves a cuppa to anyone who paid them any attention. With taste and quality in check, they gathered loyal customers and a booming business. Having six years of experience in the coffee industry, they were no strangers to the business and roasting coffee beans was a trade all too familiar and came quite naturally.

The road to their own business was tough as Cheau See recalls, “Everyday I wanted to quit my job as a barista and kept moving to find something suited for me. I even quit the industry completely to go back to painting and drawing. Finally, I realised I wanted my own coffee place, roadside or not. I wanted to meet people so that it’d just be you, me and a cup of coffee.”

With some determination and good old fashioned hard work, the entrepreneur duo took over an 87-year-old coffee shop located in a building built in 1927. Today, Seraph Awaken is a flourishing coffee business that operates daily and specialises in siphon brewed coffee, sold by the cup or in the form of freshly roasted beans. Seraph Awaken’s speciality coffee is the Hibiscus Coffee, a trade they associate to the spirit of their business as the hibiscus is a beautiful flower, easily found along sidewalks and is truly Malaysian, a symbolic state representing everything that is Seraph Awaken. Aside from coffee, the store also offers hot chocolate made from locally sourced cocoa and an assortment of flower teas.

This industry is never an easy one, with competition popping up on a daily basis and at every corner. “We love brewing coffee,” they say and continued to explain that what keeps their spirits high was that they “believed that small things like what we do [brew good coffee] can change or positively impact our community.”

Forget hipster cafes, warm your hearts and stomachs in this vintage spot built on everything dreams are made of.

Seraph Awaken is located at 28, Jalan Stesen 1, Klang, 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

By Rowena Jo

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