The Borneo Highlands

02 November 2015

Popular among tourists and travellers, we take a look at the quaint mountain-side town of Kundasang.

If travellers in the Malaysian Peninsula choose Cameron Highlands as the destination for a quick cool getaway, in Sabah the obvious choice would be the town of Kundasang. Rich in traditional culture and virtually untouched, it’s located 90 kilometres from South East Asia’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, with the town centre situated just 5 kilometres from the peak. Fresh clean air and cool weather year-round makes it a popular choice among travellers.


A farmer chooses from his crop of cabbages in a village farm.

Cabbages grow abundantly due to the cooler, highland weather.


Rubber boots used by the cabbage farmers.


The farmers here start their day as early as 8 am and continues until the evening.


A rich crop of vegetables and fruits from the farms of Kundasang.


A typical morning view, calm and cooling.


Ridzuan is a mountain guide who works part time as a cabbage farmer.


The cabbages collected here are usually shipped to the Peninsula and overseas markets.


The main mode of transport here are 4-wheeled vehicles due to the hilly and muddy terrain.


There are many affordable hotels and accommodation in the vicinity for travellers.

by Irman Hilmi
Photos by Rayyiu Radzi,

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