A Year in (Insta)Photos

12 January 2018

We're kicking off 2018 with a roundup of some of our favourite #MyMalaysia Instagram shots this year!

ashrajavisuals, professional videographer and photographer.

Taken in June 2017 at The Taaras, Redang Island

“This photo shows that you don't need to travel outside of the country to swim in crystal-clear waters. The waters surrounding the east coast islands are so clear, it’s as if you’re swimming in a giant man-made pool. It’s important to show the beauty our country has so that we know what we have to protect, because I feel that many Malaysians do not know what our country has to offer.”

@azuladnan, photographer and educator.

Taken in April 2017 inside the Melaka Straits Mosque (Floating Mosque)

“The Melaka Straits Mosque is a commonly photographed mosque but most of the time, the photos are of the exterior of the building ‘floating’ on the sea. I wanted to capture what it was like to walk through the mosque to the terrace facing the sea. It was during sunset on an overcast day, hence the muted colours. But for me, this added to the feeling of calmness and serenity of being inside a mosque.”

@eshahashim, designer and graduate architect

Taken in April 2017 at Pulau Suri, Kelantan

“This photo was taken at Pulau Suri while cruising on a boat one fine weekend. Pulau Suri is a small fishing island in Kelantan that is only accessible by boat. The boats are moored along the riverbank, away from buzzing city life. As we cruised along the river between a cluster of islands, we passed through uninhabited islands, unveiling a slightly different landscape compared to other islands that are usually surrounded by nipah palms or rows of coconut trees.”

@weijun, chef and entrepreneur

Taken in June 2017 at Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama

“Nasi Lemak is soul food. It's such a strong yet comforting dish which transcends flavours, textures, colours and cultures. I remember finishing a 30km early morning Sunday run and was starving for a proper ‘cheat-day’ breakfast. My tummy decided that we needed to bungkus nasi lemak with lots of extras and we later jumped into bed and enjoyed it with Netflix. The best kind of Cheat Day!”

@aziff90, postgrad student and freelance journalist

Taken in August 2017 at Roti King, a Malaysian restaurant in London

“I grew up in the kitchen. My family loves food, and I've always associated it with family meals; where you gather with loved ones and bond over food and conversations. When I first arrived London, a friend recommended this hole-in-the-wall Malaysian restaurant. So here we were, Malaysians from different backgrounds – with some locals – sharing a commonality over what we agree we all love: food. Eating is a cultural experience, and for me, it’s always a more tangible and personal way of capturing the spirit of a nation than flag-waving, annual logos and anthem-singing could. Besides, a Malaysian restaurant is only as good as its nasi lemak. And Roti King definitely delivered.”

@sjcdamien, graphic designer, producer, curator and fashion model

Taken in early 2017 on the way up to Mount Kinabalu via Kundasang Road, Sabah

“I dozed off for a bit while in the transportation van due to waking up and being on the road at 3am, and I woke up just as the sun was rising. At one point, the rays were lighting up the windows giving it a nice hue with the beautiful Crocker Range as a backdrop, and that was a moment I needed to capture; not because of the aesthetic value it held, but because I knew this was that shot that will remind me and give me fond memories of everything I experienced and witnessed there once I’m home.”

@azreenyunus10, sales executive

Taken in September 2017 at Polumpung Melangkap View Campsite, Kota Belud, Sabah

“This is an unexplored place or hidden gem in Sabah where Mount Kinabalu is located. I wanted to promote Sabah as part of tourism in Malaysia. The uniqueness of Kota Belud is that you can see the whole view of Mount Kinabalu from the village itself.”

@ekspirol, healthcare sector worker

Taken at Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan, Sabah

“I was taking a dip in the river when I spotted this family having a good time washing one another's hair. I wanted to capture the moment their spirit of togetherness shone.”

@uzr.syzwi, freelance photographer

Taken in April 2017 at Dungun, Terengganu

“Reflection photography is the art or technique of using reflective surfaces to capture beautiful and unique images. Using reflective surfaces is a great way to create abstract images. This shot [was taken] from my homestay room. Shot through a glass window to create an illusion and dreamy vibes.”

@mhafizzuddin, mechanical engineer

Taken in April 2017 at a market near Jalan Chowrasta, Penang

“This photo is about an aunty who is actually watching a big crowd of visitors coming to purchase the famous spring roll skin or popiah skin from a shop beside her newspaper stall.”

@jondexphoto, owner and photographer at J&A Productions

Taken in September 2017 at Pulau Perhentian Besar

“I was there for the turtle conservation efforts and while I was snorkeling, this turtle appeared from behind me and I immediately dove down to get this shot. The rays of light piercing the water surface gives the added feeling of hope that conservation efforts are working.”

@yellowscarab, web editor

Taken in July 2017 at Teluk Intan, Perak

“I was on assignment doing a car review from a cyclist’s perspective for Cycling Plus Malaysia, and opted to take the trunk roads up north to Ipoh. Along the way we stopped at Teluk Intan to do a bit of exploring on our folding bicycles. The historical town appealed to my interest in culture and heritage, but the abandoned old balai polis and customs office has such a tragic beauty to it, sitting there quietly exposed to the ravages of time and the elements, surrounded by the lalang overgrowth.”

@ohchineng, freelance photographer and researcher

Taken in June 2017 at Tanjung Tokong, Penang

“This photo was taken in a mosque in Tanjung Tokong, Penang, when they were breaking fast during Ramadan. In most of my works, I love to portray the relationship between people; their interaction, their generosity, hospitality and kindness. I aim to tell stories of the rich diversity of Malaysians, our practices, cultures, our food, beliefs, attire and others. Through this photo, I hope people will realise that breaking fast doesn’t have to be fancy. It’s actually just a simple meal, to appreciate little things that we have and not to overspend.”

@haririzolkifli, sales, marketing and PR specialist

Taken at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam

“This photo was taken during a visit from my good friend from the University of Beijing, China to Malaysia. My friend, Wilbur wanted to stop by the masjid when we drove past it on our way back from Kuala Lumpur. He was attracted to its bluefish architecture, but didn't in fact know that it was a masjid. Hence, I decided to take him in to tour the masjid as well as its surrounding area.”

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Photos courtesy of respective individuals featured.

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