Malaysian Beauty Vloggers

17 March 2016

Master makeup application, beauty products and hairstyle tricks from some of our best local gurus on YouTube.

The mid 2000s saw a rise in video blogging and today, Youtube offers a fantastic space for talented fashion and beauty enthusiasts to share tips, tricks and all the best secrets the world wants to know. If you've been messing up your eyeliner, getting your hair in knots when attempting a French braid or simply don't know how to master a “smoky eye” look, then we've got some top notch gurus in a list for you. Malaysian video bloggers or as the term goes, vloggers have so much to share so we've got our top eight favourites here:


Charis Ow

Starting out as a Youtube singing sensation, Charis Ow is now a prominent vlogger who shares her secrets to maintaining flawless skin, getting eyebrows on fleek and make-up tutorials that range from celebrity inspired looks to easy day-to-night transformations. Charis is one of many talents we admire thanks to her natural allure in front of the camera and her frequent updates, making her a favourite to follow.

Emily Quak

With over 70,000 subscribers to date, Emily Quak is a make-up and fashion enthusiast who shares her passion with the world through videos that are frequent and current, giving you hot looks that are achievable and in trend today. Her channel focuses on make-up tutorials, reviews and recommendations; perfect for anyone looking to learn how to contour on Asian features or to nail Selena Gomez's smoky eyes.

Erma Yanti Saleh

Hitting close to 18,000 subscribers and scoring over 100,000 views on her videos, Yanti is a popular beauty vlogger that appeals to the local market. Her channel is in a mix of Malay and English and focuses on fixing make-up mishaps and home remedies that are effective and affordable. Yanti adds a touch of fashion to her channel with videos on how to don the hijab in various stylish ways and keeps her viewers engaged with giveaways and tips to keep beauty easy. 

Jasmine Tam

Citing inspiration from Michelle Phan, Jasmine creates high quality videos for anyone and everyone who wants to learn the art of enhancing features and make-up application. Her tutorials are best suited for fair skinned individuals and those who adore Korean beauty and fashion. Her popular video that gained over 300,000 views teaches the method of achieving a “Korean Brow”.

Evangeline Hawa

Going with a fun and friendly approach, Evangeline's YouTube channel is known for its variety of make-up tutorials mixed with a sprinkle of vlogs from her everyday life. She provides product reviews, tutorials for a variety of looks and the occasional fashion video about Raya wear and hijab styles. 

Natasha Afzal 

Merging her love and addiction for beauty and fashion, Tashy is a gorgeous 20-something who uploads quality videos that are easy to follow and fun to watch. From trendy hairstyles and make-up tutorials, to brush reviews and Snapchat funnies, she’s gained over 52,000 followers to date.

Mina Rosli

Owning an account with a continuously growing subscribers list, Mina Rosli is chic, trendy and has a passion for hair and make-up like no other. Her account boasts frequently updated videos that are easily relatable to young adults looking for make-up ideas, product reviews and a touch of personal growth.


Taking inspiration from Korean styles and modern day trends, Chency is a beauty addict and shares tutorials that range from simplistic everyday looks to being party-ready. Her videos are fairly easy to follow and appeals to anyone who loves experimenting with different looks and make-up styles.

By Rowena Jo Fernandez