Going To The Light Side

15 December 2016

The sun rises over a sea of buildings, casting gentle shadows that shelter the earth. It is a brand new day and Darth is ready to take on the world, one good deed at a time.
Kuala Lumpur rearranges itself after the night, stretching its pipes and its creaking joints. At Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur, patrons wake up from their bunk beds and line up for breakfast – thankful they need not spend the night out on the streets.

Officially opened in February this year, Pusat Transit Gelandangan KL is a multi-pronged initiative spearheaded by the Ministry of Federal Territories with some help from other governmental ministries and NGOs. 

The three-storey building in Jalan Pahang holds around 250 beds and is equipped with bathrooms, prayer rooms, canteens, health centres and laundry rooms. Run entirely by volunteers, Pusat Transit Gelandangan sees various NGOs dropping by to help with food distribution and maintenance.

Today, Darth visits the centre for some housekeeping duties.

It’s an exciting day for the kids at the Kuala Lumpur Krash Pad (KLKP). As Darth swings the doors open, children giggle in groups, some eager to get hold of his lightsaber, to which he gladly obliges.

Located in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, KLKP is a youth centre dedicated to meet the needs and rights of vulnerable and at-risk adolescents. Susceptible to risk behaviour that may expose them to violence, crime and substance abuse, the centre offers activities designed to motivate and inspire youth through art, music, skills development and possible income generation. And sometimes, a visit from Darth.

It’s dinner time, and already, there’s a long line of patrons waiting for food at the Medan Tuanku Distribution Centre. Today, it was Need to Feed the Need's (NFN) turn for their weekly distribution.

Recognised as the first government initiative shelter, the Medan Tuanku Distribution Centre houses various NGOs such as PERTIWI and Kechara Soup Kitchen, who take turns each day to distribute lunch and dinner to the homeless. In the same space, patrons – made up of mostly men, but also a considerable amount of women and children – search through hand-me-down clothes for a fitting shirt. Today’s meal on the menu: nasi lemak ayam berempah.

Until next time.

By Lillian Wee
Photos by Vincent Paul Yong

This article is made by fans for fans. This article and the contents within is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd, Disney or any other third-party STAR WARS license holder. The purpose of this article is purely for entertainment and non-profit educational purposes only.

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