Life In The Fast Lane

20 July 2016

Starting out young, Nabil Jeffri has really made a name for himself in the motorsports world.

Many boys dream of racing cars but Nabil Jeffri was not your average boy—he turned that dream into a reality. Not many have accomplished as much as Nabil has at his age, and since winning the Asian Overall Champion in Cadet category at a ripe age of 11, the Malaysian-born driver has literally been living life in the fast lane, collecting accolades as he heads toward his ultimate goal.

At the tender age of 10 and after winning his first ever Asian championship in karts in 2004, Nabil knew that he wanted to compete against some of the world’s best and fastest drivers. The passion continued to develop, and Nabil now has the prestigious title of being the youngest ever Formula 1 test driver in the world. Fast forward to 2016, Nabil has now received the chance to compete in GP2, which will bring him one step closer to fulfilling his dreams as a Formula 1 driver.

Even with so many successful achievements, Nabil does not do it for the fame. “For me the most rewarding part is seeing my parents and family happy after getting good results. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them happy.”

Nabil hopes to make a mark in the motorsports world as a Malaysian racer and help encourage other Malaysians. Nabil says with a lot of hard work, their dreams can also come true if they continue to believe in themselves. He also hopes to share his experiences with the younger generation of Malaysia and continue to inspire through his achievements.

When asked what his ultimate dream would be, Nabil replies, “I hope to be racing in Formula 1 and make my family as well as Malaysia proud. It would mean the world to me.” Nabil is expected to be racing in GP2 in the near future, which is a step away from Formula 1. With the GP2 being the highest level of racing in Europe, Nabil looks forward to the challenge. “To be the best, we need to compete amongst the best.”

As for what the coming year has in store for Nabil, he hopes to gather the budget and sponsorship required to compete in GP2 again, with better results. With so many achievements under his belt, it’s understood that Nabil is only getting started.

By Emma Mallaburn
Photos courtesy of Nabil Jeffri

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