Malaysian Illustrators You Should Know About

26 February 2016

Feast your eyes on these diverse works of art, each and every one created by esteemed Malaysian illustrators. If you don’t already know their names, you will now. 


Tang Yau Hoong

Tang Yau Hoong’s ingenious use of negative space results in thought-provoking pieces, making you linger on his work, just for a while longer. His artwork is powerful because communicates with impact, despite his simple almost minimalist visuals. It’s no wonder he’s been commissioned for a variety of illustrations, in esteemed magazines like The New Scientist, Harvard Business Reviews and even for Land Rover’s Defender.

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Emila Yusof

Emila’s cheerful, whimsical artwork makes for perfect storybook illustrations. She has filled numerous ones with bright, vibrant colours; with text in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Bitten by the wanderlust bug, this self-taught artist finds inspiration in her travels. 

Image credit:, Emila Yusof

Boey Chee Ming

Boey brings doodling to the next level with his totally rad coffee cup illustrations, which now sell for hundreds of dollars. This former animator (he previously worked on Diablo II & Diablo III) writes full-time in his daily webcomic, I Am Boey; and has published two best sellers, When I Was A Kid and its sequel.

Image credit: and (Boey’s flickr account)

Billy Tan

One of the most respected pencillers on the comic book scene, Billy Tan has 20 years of experience under his belt. He is the man responsible for breathing life into countless Image, Marvel and DC publications, with his clean and energetic graphics. Currently based in China, Tan continues to wow fans in the Green Lantern series.

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Wen Dee Tan

Spending ten years in the IT industry didn’t quell Wen Dee’s love for drawing. She left her job to pursue her passion and after obtaining an MA from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art, it was full steam ahead for her. Her picture book, Lili, won her the First Prize at the Sharjah Exhibition for Children’s Books Illustrations.

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Tilen Ti

Watercolour paintings are Tilen’s forte, and while many of his subjects are creatures in nature, he also paints landscapes (mostly of Singaporean sights as he is based there) and abstract art. Each piece of his boasts a harmonious blend of colours, one that can only be produced by a deft hand.

Image credit:

Monica Lee

Photorealism – when a drawing is so real, you find it hard to believe that it’s not a photograph. That’s just how talented Monica Lee is, whose hyperrealistic creations were born out of a love for her photographer father’s images.

Image credit: Monica Lee

Chiang Lup Hong

Architecture graduate Chiang Lup Hong is fuelled by passion, as seen in his stunningly elaborate pieces. He composes art with the perfect balance (which could be attributed to his field of study) and isn’t afraid to use bold, vibrant colours to create contrasts. Chiang likens his work to a performance; each piece is created with the aim to wow the audience.

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Daniel Kamarudin

Daniel Kamarudin transports his audience to a dark fantasy world through his masterful transformation of familiar, well-loved characters from movies, video games and TV shows. His epic re-imagination of the Avengers’ characters is a testament to that, and has set him apart from other digital art illustrators.

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By: Lee Yang Ching

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