Musical Bloodlines

10 August 2016

From performing to almost nobody to sharing a stage with international acts, the duo is now ready to add Good Vibes Festival 2016 to their portfolio.

The year 2016 has been an incredible one for music duo and siblings Hanif and Hanna (a.k.a Juno and Hanna) from Johor Bahru. They released their first EP entitled Air and was also added to the Good Vibes Festival 2016 (happening on 12 and 13 August 2016) line-up. Besides performing, the siblings are looking forward to catch fellow festival acts Purity Ring, Two Door Cinema Club and The Temper Trap in action.

Hanna recalls their first performance as Juno and Hanna: “My mind is forever haunted by it [laughs]. I dragged Hanif to perform as he was reluctant but I convinced him by saying that we need to start somewhere. It was seriously bad. It was at an outdoor location in Johor Bahru and I invited all my friends and family for support, but nobody came except one girl who came to see us with her sister, whom I am acquainted to now. I am thankful for her presence and will never forget that.”

Juno and Hanna sure have come a long way since then. They managed to perform at 2016 Baybeats Festival organised by Esplanade in Singapore, as well as opened for Indonesian duo Bottlesmokers, and Swedish dream pop band Postiljonen. Brother Hanif adds their interview with BFM radio station into the list as an exhilarating experience. “My heart was pumping like crazy and we had to listen to our single Air on the radio itself following that.”

Their minimal black and white EP cover design explains a lot about them. Hanna tells us, “Basically the main concept is the relationship between two siblings and how we composed the songs by understanding how each other feels. Hanif is very talkative but sadly only to people he is close to.”

They took the time to speak about the idea behind their Air video, which follows a girl throughout. “The video is actually from the point of view of the boyfriend. Some people would realise that it’s not just a pretty girl going around in circles with the camera following her [laughs]. It’s actually a short evolution of their relationship and how it wouldn’t have work from they start but they only realised it after the relationship ended.”

Working with a sibling can be a blessing or a curse, but lucky for them it has been the former as they come from a close-knit family so nothing has changed from their younger days when they would watch Korean reality shows together.

As for Juno and Hanna’s future plans, they “hope to have a new set of songs for next year. We also hope that we can get more exposure and gigs. The ultimate dream would be to perform in other countries. All in all, we are actually very grateful.”


By Kevin Yeoh

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