Signs and Facades: Taiping, Perak

26 September 2017

Continuing our photo series on signboards and store facades, we visit Taiping, Perak to document what the historical town has to offer.

Perak’s second largest town after its state capital Ipoh, Taiping is known as the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia and for being a place of many firsts. For example, the Taiping railway station was Malaysia’s first operational train station, Taiping Lake Gardens – established by the British in 1880 – was the first public garden in the country, Perak Museum is Malaysia’s oldest, while the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari were also the first of their kind in Malaysia.

Historically, Taiping was once famous for its tin mining activities in the 19th century, which attracted Chinese settlers. If you can recall what you read in your sejarah textbook, Taiping’s tin mines were also the centre of a heated feud between the Ghee Hin and Hai San secret societies, which escalated to the Larut Wars in the 1860s and later involved a civil war between Perak’s Malay chiefs. This eventually led the British to intervene in the 1870s and take control of the town.

Today, Taiping is a popular spot for daytrippers on a food hunt, history buffs on a heritage trail, and adventure seekers opting to hike up Bukit Larut (also Malaysia’s oldest hill resort).

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Photos by Teoh Eng Hooi

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