Skate 4 A Cause!

11 November 2016

Puchong is lit, fam.

One fine Sunday, the sound of industrialisation was substituted with the sound of skateboards popping and landing, local hip hop and live rock music - all wrapped in youthful cheer.

On the 30th October 2016, Puchong came alive with all things awesome as Skate 4 A Cause happened at the newly-revamped iM4U Sentral. Not limited to just skateboarders, Skate 4 A Cause attracted people of many clusters; be it the aspiring-pro-skater, that always on-point hype beast or young parents having a good time with their kids.

The program was originally conjured by iM4U in continuation of last year’s Skate4Cancer, where Element Board pro rider, Rob Dyer gave a talk (as well as ripped Arena PJ Skatepark) about cancer awareness via skateboarding. Skate 4 A Cause has now expanded the idea to a socio-preneur approach on everything that the skateboarding world encompasses. As a finale to the Skate 4 A Cause tour (prior stops were in Ipoh and Terengganu), Skate 4 A Cause offered the participants a holistic view on the world of skateboarding and its related disciplines.

For starters, Noor Haizan of Hom Hom as well as Ajiem and Ameer gave a workshop on skateboarding photography alongside a full-blown exhibition on their best works. As for the skater-preneur, the owner of Hellbent/Maker Premium, Ajeez gave shared his experience and insight on how to build a skate brand and make it relevant as the industry itself is ever-evolving.

Photo courtesy of axehappytimes.

Not leaving the arts in the shade, graffiti artists FriTillDea and Donald Abraham represented the street art community in telling their own stories of how you can turn something simple like doodles into getting full-blown works of art exhibited in galleries.

Skate 4 A Cause brought down C1RCA riders James Brockman, Jack Olson and Adrian Lopez who shared stories on how skateboarding can be a positive change in one’s life, on whatever level one may pursue. From a career standpoint, they shed some light on the challenges of being a professional skateboarder. Albeit the amount of participants for these workshops were not high, but the interaction and energy level were tremendously positive - a true sign of passion in non-conventional fields.

After the more “serious” sessions passed, it was time to roll out the decks. Skaters from across the Klang Valley strut out their very best in pursuit of the Best Run and Best Trick cash prizes. The vibe was just about right on that particular Sunday, a very chilled out evening with a camp of food trucks that always give you the munchies, a mini-bazaar featuring local clothing brands such as Deciders KL and Mutha Puaka and to complete the experience - it was showtime!

Jin Hackman kicked off the stage with a fun set, dropping his claim to mass fame, Banana as they crowd grooved along. Aman Ra came on next and turned up the heat a notch when he dropped #BudakFlat. Tres Empre made the crowd go wild with an impromptu feature of FriTillDea for their new single Khayalan Kaca, while Bittersweet closed off the stage with a superb performance.

The event was concluded with a prize giving ceremony and smiles all around as they leave iM4U Sentral probably with the impression “Wow, Puchong is kinda lit!”

Get involved with skateboarding and many other youth activities via volunteerism.


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