You Can Stop Here. This Is Cat Country.

28 April 2017

Do you have 10 minutes to spend idly on the Internet? Great, here are some adorable photos of Malaysian personalities and their beloved cats. You’re welcome!

With the power of celebrity and cat combined, you get some truly warm and fuzzy moments. We spent some time with a few Malaysian celebrities and their furkid(s).

Noh Salleh & Mizz Nina
This power couple are proud parents of Nino, a Scottish Fold, and Noni, a British Shorthair. “Having cats at home is something really special,” they say. “They are part of the family now and brings us so much joy. They’re also great stress relievers!”

Liyana Fizi
Singer-songwriter Liyana Fizi’s cats are Iggy and Bon Bon, both of Himalayan Persian and Maine Coon mix. “They’ve brought so much chaos and laughter into my life,” says Liyana. Be sure to follow Iggy and Bon Bon’s adventures on their Instagram account: @iggyandbonbon

Kuah Jenhan
Comedian Kuah Jenhan is the human to Ninja, an American Shorthair. Check out his Instagram account if you’d like to see this fluff ball on a more regular basis!

Kucing Happy
There’s no way you could have ‘celebrity’ and ‘cat’ in the same sentence without paying tribute to Kucing Happy. Kucing Happy’s real name is Atomic. The 6-month old British Shorthair is picture here with Yau, his owner who also photographs cats for a living!

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