east coast

The east coast region is famous for its nasi dagang. This dish is a combination of plain and glutinous rice mixed in coconut milk and then steamed to perfection. Nasi dagang is served with the region’s own brand of fish (usually tuna) curry and is usually enjoyed as a breakfast food.

Another iconic dish of this region is ikan patin masak tempoyak. This dish is riverine catfish cooked in a broth that is infused with fermented durian paste. This delicacy draws its fans from all over Malaysia to the state of Pahang to savour this tangy and mildly pungent dish.

The east coast is also famous for its fish-based snacks, namely, keropok lekor. This delicacy usually comes in the form of crackers or sausages and is enjoyed with a tangy but spicy chilli dip.